150ML Bamboo mug Hand made original bamboo Tea cup Cute panda design bambu tea cup water mug


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Q: what is advantage of the bamboo cups?

1, Bamboo cups are not Industrial products, it is not produced from factory. It comes from natural
Bamboo. The cups’ texture, size and shape is original. Every cup is unique. If you are like original wood products, you can try this bamboo cup.

2,Bamboo cups are degradable and Environmentally friendly. It go back to nature harmless when you throw it away.

3, it is Anti-hot and un-breakable for child

Q: What is the disadvantage of the bamboo cups?

1,bamboo cups may be mould if it is moist while not used for a long time.

2,it is harder to cleaned than Glass and ceramic mugs. So it is better to drink water or tea only by this cup.

A: Answer to the question above.

Q: Does the cups has smell?

Yes, it is the bamboo’s natural smell Slight, but not heavy. It is normal. It is not chemical smell

Q: Does the cups has painting?

.Our bamboo cups are 100% original,they are not painted

and made by a Integral bamboo, they are not glued either

In China, For drinking use ,bamboo cups has no painting

Q: Are the cups same as the photos?

Actually there will be difference .
These cups are not produced from factory. Every cups size, shape and texture is a little different.

Q: how to use this bamboo cups?

When you get this bamboo cups, please keep the cup in warm salt water for 3hours.

later cook the cup in the salt water for about 10minutes

Please use the bamboo cups often.

If you don’t use it, please keep it dry.

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